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Classic lies you should not let a cyber criminal use on you

Cyber criminals can devise various ways to get what they want from you. Manipulating people into carrying out certain actions or giving away confidential information is known as Social Engineering. And this is a rampant form of exploitation. Why? If you can get access to anything you want just by deceiving someone, why waste time creating a highly technical and sophisticated hack? So, how exactly do cyber criminals execute social engineering tricks

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What is Phishing?

What is Phishing?   Phishing is similar to the fishing in which fisher man catches the fishes by spreading a trap in the water. Phishing has been done by some hackers or criminals where they spread their trap (making a site which looks like a legitimate or trustable, or can a true copy of genuine website) on internet, and get all the useful information like username and email id by fooling the internet user. Reasons behind Phishing: Ø Criminals

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