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iPhone 6 Facebook Scams, Android Ransomware, And Other Security News
Facebook Scam

Looks likes the news of iPhone 6 release has got online scammers to work. Let’s read about this, and other news and incidents in the world of IT security. Beware of Facebook Posts offering you Tools to Hack Facebook Accounts A new Facebook scam is on the rise. Facebook users are receiving phishing emails that claim to provide steps on how to hack the account of any Facebook user. The steps may look benign to a normal user, but their main purpose

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Season’s greetings: Beware of security threats and fake phishing pages

The festive season brings with it heart warming wishes and some great online deals for shoppers and discount seekers. Online retailers present some great discounts and add-ons at this time of the year and online sales see a massive surge in activity as a result. Unsurprisingly, attackers and phishers use this jubilant opportunity to trick unsuspecting shoppers. Over the years it has been found that shopping scams are very common over this period

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What is hacking?

What is Hacking? Ø Hacking in simple terms means illegal intrusion into a computer system without the permission of the computer owner/user. Ø Hacking is exploring the details of programmable systems. Ø Stretching the capabilities of computer systems. Ø Sharing their computer expertise. Hacker’s Motivations: Ø Fun. Ø Profit. Ø Extortion. Ø Technical Reputation. Ø Scorekeeping. Ø Revenge/maliciousness. Ø Intellectual Challenges. Ø Desire

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