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India Urges To Set Up Portal With The US To Control Cyber Crime

With an aim to control and tackle cybercrime, India is planning to set up a joint portal with the US. The portal will especially deal in issues like hacking and misuse of social media platforms. Police Chief of India and the US had met in New Delhi for a two day conference regarding the issues and difficulties faced by the India Government regarding cyber crime. “We have suggested setting up of cooperation portal on cybercrime where requests

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Latest security news updates from the week gone by
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Personal information of app users leaked on Google Play People who still disregard Android security and do not take privacy controls over the platform seriously, will be alarmed to learn this piece of news. An Australian app developer recently discovered that he had complete access to personal information of the users who downloaded his application. Alarmingly, this information was available to the developer even after he uninstalled the app or

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Google Security Alert: Unverified Users Regain Webmaster Tools, Analytics Access

It has been seen tonight that WebmasterTools has suffered a major security hole and opened up and reverified all old accounts. What does this mean to the SEO community? From initial glance at our WMT’s accounts we now have regained access to every old account we have previously been given access to, whether that is a previous client or maybe a site that came to us for some short term consultancy. What is also quite amusing (if you look on the funny

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