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Alert: Scammers trying to steal your info via Skype

There is a warning for all you Skype users! Crooks are sending out text messages hoping to collect your personal information or get you to click a malicious link. buy coursework The text is usually a request from a stranger asking you to add them to your Skype account. We checked with Skype and the company is aware of the problem. It issued this statement saying in part, "As a general word of caution, it's never advisable to respond to a text

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India Urges To Set Up Portal With The US To Control Cyber Crime

With an aim to control and tackle cybercrime, India is planning to set up a joint portal with the US. The portal will especially deal in issues like hacking and misuse of social media platforms. Police Chief of India and the US had met in New Delhi for a two day conference regarding the issues and difficulties faced by the India Government regarding cyber crime. “We have suggested setting up of cooperation portal on cybercrime where requests

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Cost of Cybercrime and Attack Prevention? Rs 150 Crore

New account registrations represent the highest rate of online attacks according to new data just by Cyber Crime Awareness Society, a provider of cyber crime prevention solutions. Attacks on new account registrations, using both spoofed and synthetic identities, saw the highest rate of attacks followed by account logins and payment fraud. One in ten registrations for online services, according to Cyber Crime Awareness Society data, originates from

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Classic lies you should not let a cyber criminal use on you

Cyber criminals can devise various ways to get what they want from you. Manipulating people into carrying out certain actions or giving away confidential information is known as Social Engineering. And this is a rampant form of exploitation. Why? If you can get access to anything you want just by deceiving someone, why waste time creating a highly technical and sophisticated hack? So, how exactly do cyber criminals execute social engineering tricks

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Latest security news updates from the week gone by
inf sec

Personal information of app users leaked on Google Play People who still disregard Android security and do not take privacy controls over the platform seriously, will be alarmed to learn this piece of news. An Australian app developer recently discovered that he had complete access to personal information of the users who downloaded his application. Alarmingly, this information was available to the developer even after he uninstalled the app or

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RTU to introduce course on cyber crime

As the National Crime Record Bureau has confirmed 100% increase in cyber crimes in a span of 2-3 years, the need for a fully fledged cyber cell has been felt. Now Rajasthan Technical University has decided to introduce a programme on cyber laws as a part of the curriculum. RTU has decided to introduce this course with a two fold purpose, firstly to create awareness among students and secondly to mould young cyber professionals to safeguard the people

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Cyber crimes: India yet to sign treaty with other countries

Observing that laws both at national and international level were still struggling to catch up with cyber activities worldwide, a CBI judge today said India is yet to sign a treaty with other countries to extradite accused involved in cyber crimes. "Till date, we do not have a single treaty with any other country to extradite a cyber criminal to be brought to India", CBI Special Judge, New Delhi, Talwant Singh said at a seminar. Elaborating,

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Converage on ETV Rajasthan

cell phone spy warea href="http://ccasociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/SDC10779.avi">Coverage on ETV Rajasthan during Cyber Crime Confrence in Ajmer

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Gurgaon to get police station for cyber crime

Owing to the increase in cyber crime in the city, Gurgaon is set to get a police station dealing exclusively in such cases. essay about friendship The Millennium City will be first in the state to have a dedicated cyber crime police station. Separate staff will be hired. They will be headed by deputy commissioner of police, cyber crime, a new post. A similar station is scheduled to be set up in Chandigarh. The police station will be state-of -the-art

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Proactive move could’ve helped curb rumors

Proactive move could’ve helped curb rumors Microsoft Outlook 2013 BuyProactive action by internet service providers could have cut short the number of rumors that caused the exodus from Bangalore of people from the northeast, say lawyers. While sites such as Facebook and Twitter have now decided to block web pages containing any content that could incite violence, it raises the crucial point that this step could have been carried out before the

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