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PHP Training

PHP Course:- • Course Material: PHP , MySQL , Hacking Prevention • Course Duration: 75 Hours Assignments/Projects:- • Insert - update - delete and view with MySQL Database • Photo Gallery / Album • Registration System with Login Authentication • Scrap Book • Rating System • Address Book • Bank Pass Book System • Contact Form with Mail and captcha Security • Small level SMS Portal using PHP and MySQL PHP / Advance PHP • History

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Industrial Training in ASP.Net

ASP.Net course Module 1 FRAMEWORK * Framework Component : CLR, Base Class Libraries, MSIL , CTS, CLS , Managed Code, Unmanaged Code , JIT Compilers. CONTROLS OVERVIEW * Server Control : Textbox,Button, Label, LinkButton, DropDownList, ListBox, CheckBox, CheckBoxList, RadioButton, R adioButtonList, Image, ImageMap etc . * Validation Controls : Required Field Validator, Range Validator, Regular Expression Validator, Compare Vaidator, Custom Validator

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CCAS Certified Ethical Hacking Course

CCAS Ethical Hacking Course will follow : Module 01: Networking Concept How does internet work. What is network ? Countermeasures of network. What is IP and? types of IP ? What is Mac ? What is Cookie and Cache ? . Domain Name System DNS Poisoning Name Server Electronic Mail Architecture and Services Mail Access Protocols Introduction of Ports Introduction to Web Browser Detail Study on Buffer or Packets Detail Study on Internet and Intranet Detail

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CCAS Metasploit Framework

Now Learn Ethical Hacking using Backtrack Operating System. 1st time in Rajasthan   This will include following topics: Course Home Part 1: Exploitation Basics Part 2: Why Metasploit Part 3: Meterpreter Basics Part 4: Framework Organization Part 5: Post Exploitation Kung-Fu Part 6: Post Exploitation Privilege Escalation Part 7: Killing AV and Disabling Firewall Part 8: Stdapi and Priv Extensions Part 9: Token Stealing and Incognito Part 10:

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Linux Training

Linux Training This course include RHCSA + RHCE Red Hat Certified System Administration (RHCSA) include two modules (Module 01 and Module 02). Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) include one module (Module 03)   Module 01: Red Hat Certified System Administration Introduction of GNOME Desktop with Managing files graphically. (In that you feel that Linux have a better graphical user interface.) Help in Graphical Documentations (Local & Online).

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CCAS Cert. Forensic Expert

frankenstein essay

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