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High tech monitoring system to check cyber crime in Thiruvananthapuram.

This news is straight away coming from THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala said that aiming to combat cyber crime in an effective way, Kerala government has planned to set up a high tech monitoring system.Ramesh Chennithala told that this system would be set up with the assistance of state run Keltron Company. This system has been planned to be installed as a part of the 'Nirbhaya Keralam' which is a project to ensure security

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RECRUITMENT FRAUD has emerged as a potential threat in cyber world. Its a new name in the list of cyber crimes. Its a mind game to cheat gullible employees by luring them into opportunities that do not exist actually. Recently a person got a call for job opportunity at a well known firm. He was elated to get this opportunity, he was lured into depositing a handsome amount of money for securing this position. Due to the fame and reputation of company,

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Go Anonymous.

After the recent PRISM scandal regarding widespread surveillance on the web by the US government has opened a can of worms. Now everybody knows that nothing is private, if its on web. There is no absolute way in which you can keep your data absolutely safe. Even the search engines record your every movement on the web. essay about global warming But unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo doesn't keep track of your search activity on the internet.

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New ATM Scam

BEWARE!!! People are using these fake keypads in different countries since 2011 up to this day. Crooks are now more technologically advanced and use a Card Skimmer - An illegal electronic device that can capture all of the personal information (Name, Expiration date, 3 digit verification pin, etc.) from a credit/debit card and ATM card. Only a few people are aware of this so always double-check. natural diabetes cure Here are the other signs to know

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Click fraud- The Dark side of online Advertisement

 Click fraud is the dark side of online advertisement. It occurs when a person (or an automated computer program) clicks on a pay-per-click advertisement. This is done for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having an actual interest in the ad’s content. Click fraud is done by companies to deplete their competitor's advertising budget or by websites to gain revenue. Some web sites pay people from remote places to make fraudulent

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Backdoor- A breach in security

Backdoor is a means of access to a computer program that bypasses security mechanisms. A programmer may sometimes install a backdoor so that the program can be accessed for troubleshooting or other purposes. However, back doors are often used by attackers who detect and/or install it themselves. Whether installed as an administrative tool or a means of attack; a back door poses as a security risk aiding crackers looking for vulnerable systems.

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"12.12.12" Cyber Monday to be observed in India on 12 Dec 2012

Google India said it has partnered with a host of e-commerce players including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Homeshop18, Indiatimes Shopping, and makemytrip to bring to India its own version of 'Cyber Monday' on December 12. how to buy essays online Internet users can log on to 'www.gosf.in' and get deals for 24 hours on this day from over 50 partners across e-commerce, local and classified, online travel sites and BFSI (banking, financial

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Cyber security predictions-cyber criminals adapting to changing technology

In 2013 and beyond, conflicts between nations, organizations, and individuals will play a key role in the cyber world, according to predictions  from computer security software firm, Symantec. fast essay writing service if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link78410").style.display="none";} Grant Brown, security practices expert at Symantec says that, as organizations and consumers increasingly rely on online platforms to drive interactions with

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WHAT IS A ROGUE SECURITY SOFTWARE? do an essay for me if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link40830").style.display="none";} Rogue security software is a form of internet fraud using computer malware (malicious software) that deceives or misleads users into paying money for fake or simulated removal of malware or claims to get rid of malware, but instead introduces malware to the computer. Rogue security software has become a growing and serious

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Rajasthan’s first Cyber Police Station is all set!!

State's first cyber police station is all set to investigate online frauds and related crimes, but is caught up in a glitch as the government is yet to find a DySP-rank officer who could be the in-charge of the station. The state government has already issued a notification establishing the police station. According to the sources, the authorities are looking for an officer who has profound knowledge of computers, IT act and is willing to work in

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