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Alert: Scammers trying to steal your info via Skype


There is a warning for all you Skype users! Crooks are sending out text messages hoping to collect your personal information or get you to click a malicious link.

The text is usually a request from a stranger asking you to add them to your Skype account. We checked with Skype and the company is aware of the problem. It issued this statement saying in part, “As a general word of caution, it's never advisable to respond to a text message from an unknown number. Skype also urges its users not to accept a contact request from someone they don't know. We have investigated and blocked the Skype user name involved in this scam.”

Employees with the company say one way these crooks operate is by trying to chat with you, then sending you a malicious link that could download a virus on your computer and collect your personal information.

If you receive one of these fraudulent text messages you can report it to your phone carrier. You can also report it to Skype at spam@skype.com. Also, remember on its website, Skype offers a number of safety tips. You may be wondering how these scammers get your number. Skype says these crooks can actually buy lists of numbers and then send out these scam messages randomly.

-BY AmericanNews