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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Alert: Scammers trying to steal your info via Skype

There is a warning for all you Skype users! Crooks are sending out text messages hoping to collect your personal information or get you to click a malicious link. buy coursework The text is usually a request from a stranger asking you to add them to your Skype account. We checked with Skype and the company is aware of the problem. It issued this statement saying in part, "As a general word of caution, it's never advisable to respond to a text

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India Urges To Set Up Portal With The US To Control Cyber Crime

With an aim to control and tackle cybercrime, India is planning to set up a joint portal with the US. The portal will especially deal in issues like hacking and misuse of social media platforms. Police Chief of India and the US had met in New Delhi for a two day conference regarding the issues and difficulties faced by the India Government regarding cyber crime. “We have suggested setting up of cooperation portal on cybercrime where requests

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