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Pakistan Court orders to Block Blasphemous Content from Facebook and other Social Media Sites within Three Days

Telecom authorities in Pakistan have received deadline of three days by Peshawar High Court to block objectionable and blasphemous content from social media sites, focusing mainly on the Facebook. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was ordered to take strict action against social media sites if found responsible for spreading objectionable and blasphemous content and submit a report within 20 days. Arif Khan a lawyer by profession had filed

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Industrial Training in ASP.Net

ASP.Net course Module 1 FRAMEWORK * Framework Component : CLR, Base Class Libraries, MSIL , CTS, CLS , Managed Code, Unmanaged Code , JIT Compilers. CONTROLS OVERVIEW * Server Control : Textbox,Button, Label, LinkButton, DropDownList, ListBox, CheckBox, CheckBoxList, RadioButton, R adioButtonList, Image, ImageMap etc . * Validation Controls : Required Field Validator, Range Validator, Regular Expression Validator, Compare Vaidator, Custom Validator

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Apply for Workshop

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New ATM Scam

BEWARE!!! People are using these fake keypads in different countries since 2011 up to this day. Crooks are now more technologically advanced and use a Card Skimmer - An illegal electronic device that can capture all of the personal information (Name, Expiration date, 3 digit verification pin, etc.) from a credit/debit card and ATM card. Only a few people are aware of this so always double-check. natural diabetes cure Here are the other signs to know

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