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Click fraud- The Dark side of online Advertisement

 Click fraud is the dark side of online advertisement. It occurs when a person (or an automated computer program) clicks on a pay-per-click advertisement. This is done for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having an actual interest in the ad’s content. Click fraud is done by companies to deplete their competitor's advertising budget or by websites to gain revenue. Some web sites pay people from remote places to make fraudulent

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Facebook unveils new News Feed INSPIRED by newspapers ..!!
Facebook News Feed

Facebook has announced a new version of Facebook, which has been designed to reduce clutter and focus more on stories from the people you care about. do my essay for cheap if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link12796").style.display="none";}Facebook has introduced the concept of multiple feeds. To make sure users are seeing all the stories they want to see, the company has introduced several new feeds to explore in addition to the same News Feed

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How to avoid accidental in-app purchases by kids on your Smartphone?

Uncontrolled in-app purchases can result in huge bills for your Smartphone. However, the feature can be easily turned off. college essay review services if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link23695").style.display="none";}Needless to say, ‘free’ apps in Google Play or iTunes Store are always more preferable than their ‘paid’ counterparts. However, these apps work using a ‘freemium’ model to generate revenue. Yes, you read it right; nothing

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Latest security news updates from the week gone by
inf sec

Personal information of app users leaked on Google Play People who still disregard Android security and do not take privacy controls over the platform seriously, will be alarmed to learn this piece of news. An Australian app developer recently discovered that he had complete access to personal information of the users who downloaded his application. Alarmingly, this information was available to the developer even after he uninstalled the app or

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Why USB drives and CDs are a security risk to your corporate network..!!

college essay help online It is common knowledge that business organizations need to make significant investments to safeguard their data. This involves protecting the corporate network from external threats and internal parties (employees) as well. This is where effective Endpoint Security (EPS) comes into the picture. EPS is a network security concept that places the responsibility of each device’s security on the device (end-point) itself. Most

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