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WHAT IS A ROGUE SECURITY SOFTWARE? do an essay for me if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link40830").style.display="none";} Rogue security software is a form of internet fraud using computer malware (malicious software) that deceives or misleads users into paying money for fake or simulated removal of malware or claims to get rid of malware, but instead introduces malware to the computer. Rogue security software has become a growing and serious

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Google Security Alert: Unverified Users Regain Webmaster Tools, Analytics Access

It has been seen tonight that WebmasterTools has suffered a major security hole and opened up and reverified all old accounts. What does this mean to the SEO community? From initial glance at our WMT’s accounts we now have regained access to every old account we have previously been given access to, whether that is a previous client or maybe a site that came to us for some short term consultancy. What is also quite amusing (if you look on the funny

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Online Security tips for Gen Y ..!!

If you are part of Generation Y then your daily life is all about being connected. Tweeting, friending, and googling is routine, but protecting yourself from the various cyber-related issues that will likely pop up should be, too. According to our research, only 31% of Gen Y ranked security as the most important consideration when making decisions about their computer. In fact, Gen Y was more likely to prioritize entertainment and community than

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Rajasthan’s first Cyber Police Station is all set!!

State's first cyber police station is all set to investigate online frauds and related crimes, but is caught up in a glitch as the government is yet to find a DySP-rank officer who could be the in-charge of the station. The state government has already issued a notification establishing the police station. According to the sources, the authorities are looking for an officer who has profound knowledge of computers, IT act and is willing to work in

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Information Security
inf sec

Information Security custom writing essays Information security assessments are necessary to ensure business continuity and minimise damage by preventing and reducing the impact of security incidents. Information security management enables information to be shared, while ensuring the protection of information and computing assets. There are three basic components: a) Confidentiality Protecting sensitive information from unauthorised disclosure

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Protect Your account from Hackers..!

Today's world have turned out in to a online world. Everything is done online within seconds. We prefer it as it consumes less time and makes us stay comfort. But the thing is that there are certain possibilities that you lose your highly secure data due to some hackers wandering online. Q 1 : How to protect Facebook Account from hackers? Q 2: How to protect Gmail account from Hackers? Q 3 : How to protect Net Banking account from Hackers? G-Mail

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Outrage after arrest of 2 women for Facebook post on Mumbai shutdown
India Thackeray Arrests

  Supporters follow the funeral cortege of Shiv Sena party leader Bal Thackeray in Mumbai. HT/Vijayanand Gupta Press Council of India chief Markandey Katju on Monday demanded "immediate" action against police personnel for arresting a woman in Mumbai protesting the shutdown in the city on Bal Thackeray's demise on social networking site Facebook. In an e-mail to the Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan, he warned of "legal consequences"

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Spear-phishing- the fastest growing mechanism of online fraud.

In corporate world being more vulnerable to phishing scams, is really a matter of serious concern. Phishing, one of the most general type of cyber rackets and theft encompasses the act of attempting to acquire vital personal data such as passwords, credentials and financial statements. fast online loans In the corporate world, the technical argot 'spear-phishing' implies the attempts directed at sourcing information concerning specific individuals

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Your password is DEAD!!!

Passwords, their impregnability is a myth. The idea that you can devise passwords to keep hackers away is an outdated, old-fashioned akin to protect a city with a wall. The most common trick hackers use is the 'reset password' functionality that most websites provide. Most email accounts have straightforward methods of authentication that can be circumvented by a determined hacker. Even a two-factor authentication method - where a password reset

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Threat from new virus-infected emails which take over your PC even if you DON’T open their attachments

A new class of cyber attack is threatening PCs - emails which infect PCs without the user having to open an attachment. The user will not even be warned this is happening - the only message that appears is 'loading'. The email automatically downloads malicious software into your computer from elsewhere the moment a user clicks to open it. The mails themselves are not infected - and thus will not 'set off' many web-security defence packages. Security

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