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Loophole Allows Anyone To Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro For $14.99

After the recent release of Ms windows 8, a loophole that allows any Ms windows individual to buy a certificate for Ms windows 8 Pro for $14.99 (Rs 800 approximately) has been discovered. According to Technology Customized, the lower cost can be carried out by any individual by simply acting some of the details that Ms demands when you apply for the lower cost. a narrative essay The lower cost is meant for those who bought a Ms windows seven machine

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Other Investigation

Other Investigations Whether Civil, Criminal, Corporate or Fraud Investigations, we have the skills needed to undertake the task. Over the years and with past experiences Cyber Crime Awareness Society staff have a significant amount of experience in dealing with traditional investigations. In addition to our comprehensive range of computer security solutions, our investigation services help you deal appropriately and confidently with a variety of

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Protect your personal information.

Exercise caution when sharing personal information such as your name, home address, phone number, and email address online. To take advantage of many online services, you will inevitably have to provide personal information in order to handle billing and shipping of purchased goods. Since not divulging any personal information is rarely possible, the following list contains some advice for how to share personal information safely online: Keep an

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ATM bliss

In Automated teller machine, in order to access an account, a user supplies a card and personal identification number (PIN). Criminals have developed means to intercept both the data on the card’s magnetic strip as well as the user’s PIN, this information is used to create fake cards that are then used to withdraw funds from the unsuspecting individual’s account. These machines are free-standing and not physically a part of the bank. Criminals

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Social Networks and Instant Messaging – A Fertile Ground for Cybercriminals

Social Networks: India now ranks as the seventh largest market worldwide for social networking and the total Indian social networking audience grew 43 percent in the past yearii. The popularity of social networks is directly proportional to the volume of malware it attracts. One of the primary attack techniques used on social networking sites involved the use of shortened URLs. Last year, attackers posted millions of these shortened links on social

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Cyberespionage malware ‘miniFlame’ discovered

Newly discovered spying malware designed to steal data from infected systems was likely built from the same cyber-weaponry factory that produced two other notorious cyberespionage software Flame and Gauss, a security vendor says. Kaspersky Lab released a technical paper Monday outlining the discovery of the malware the vendor has dubbed "miniFlame." While capable of working with Flame and Gauss, miniFlame is a "small, fully functional espionage module

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HSBC’s Internet Banking Hacked Worldwide

descriptive essay about a place A massive cyber attack has crippled HSBC banks' online services worldwide. The bank stated that its server under a "large scale denial of service attack" on Thursday, according to a TOI report. "This denial of service attack did not affect any customer data, but did prevent customers using HSBC online services, including Internet banking," the bank said in the report. However, HSBC has assured its customers that their

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Minor users on Facebook.

When you send your child to play on  field, at that time you provide them with the correct protective gear as per the requirement. The same should be followed while using internet or Facebook. The public policy representative of Facebook, Nicki Jackson says that Facebook has prepared special privacy settings for the users below 18 years. The setting 'Everyone' is not open to users below 18 years of age, and even if they choose this setting, still

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RTU to introduce course on cyber crime

As the National Crime Record Bureau has confirmed 100% increase in cyber crimes in a span of 2-3 years, the need for a fully fledged cyber cell has been felt. Now Rajasthan Technical University has decided to introduce a programme on cyber laws as a part of the curriculum. RTU has decided to introduce this course with a two fold purpose, firstly to create awareness among students and secondly to mould young cyber professionals to safeguard the people

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Steam gamers vulnerable to attack

A string of vulnerabilities have been discovered in the popular Steam gaming platform that allow attackers to compromise user machines. The flaws target game engine vulnerabilities including overflows, the ability to write arbitrary text to file and direct victims to external payloads. Attackers could compromise victim machines by crafting malicious links using the steam:// URL protocol. This could work in normal web browsers but also within the

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